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Who We Are

A Dance Leader is any dance professional who is committed to contributing to a bigger vision for a thriving dance sector and empowering its communities to achieve more than they can on their own. Someone who uses dance to inspire others.

The Dance Leaders Group (DLG) steering group is currently made up of representatives from:

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Orit Azaz

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The DLG & Critical Mass What Next 2022-24 programme is project managed by Katie Holtom.

DLG also convene an advisory group that comprises independent professionals, representatives from funded organisations and young people (18yrs+) who bring specialist skills and expertise to drive DLG activity. 

The network itself includes over 80 members from across the Midlands including from:

  • Representatives of large and small NPOS

  • Independent dance organisations

  • Freelance artists

  • Young people interested in exploring and pursuing a career in dance

To add your name to the list, fill in the form below
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