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How to Survive and Thrive Working in Dance and Dance Participation
Research Into Sustainable Business Models For Dance

As part of the 'DLG & Critical Mass What Next 2022-24' program, Oliver Scott (Mercurial Dance) has been commissioned to conduct a research enquiry, which gathers inspiring case studies of those working in the dance sector, to share their business models.

This research responds directly to the needs of the DLG, providing reassurance for artists and independents in their own business models, and offering alternative methods of working, making money, and approaching sustainability in their work in the dance sector.

Featured Case Studies

  • The Freelance Business Model

  • Corey Baker Dance

  • Motionhouse

  • Autin Dance Theatre

  • NoFit State Circus

  • Eloquent Dance Company

  • Mercurial Dance

This project is funded by Arts Connect and Dance Hub Birmingham with additional support from Birmingham 2022.

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